Graffiti hand styles are plotted by their pen angle and letter width. The results show that Graffiti shows the same patterns as Calligraphy; the steeper the pen angle, the more narrow the letter and the less steep the pen angle, the wider the letter. 

By using this web application, users can learn to appreciate Graffiti as an art form. To learn more about pen angle, users can click on the nib icon and to change the letter, users can click on the selector on the right hand side of the screen. By clicking on a plot, the artist and the handstyle of the selected letter is reveled. Additionally, users can select geographic locations to compare hand styles and study the patterns they create at the bottom of the screen. 

This project would have not been possible without the exceptional work of Christian Acker and his book, Flip the Script. The book shows an analysis of American graffiti handstyles through a typographic and calligraphic lens. It was my primary source when creating this web application. Flip the Script is a part of Acker's ongoing project Handselecta. http://www.handselecta.com/index.html